5 tips to your healthiest holiday season yet (without dieting!)

November 11, 2021

5 tips to your healthiest holiday season yet (without dieting!)

Don't ruin this time of year by stressing out about food and exercise. Cya diet culture and negative thoughts, you're not welcome here. Our girl Katie Hake, registered dietician and fitness professional, gave us her top 5 tips to find that balance and have your healthiest and happiest holiday season yet!

"Eating and exercising around the holidays can be a source of stress, anxiety, and discomfort for many. Taking a non-diet approach can help alleviate some of the tension, allowing you to be more present, and enjoy the holiday season with the ones you love. 

  • Eat regular meals and snacks. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of travel, parties, and activities. Skipping meals or ignoring hunger cues, often leads to that ‘hanger’ that is not good for anyone. 

  • Pro Tip:Pack a Mint Chocolate Apres to sip on between that holiday shopping to give you the energy and nourishment you need.  

  • Ditch the diet mentality. Labeling foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ only leads to guilt and shame. Restricting or putting foods off limits, often leaves us wanting more of it. 

  • Practice mindful eating. Slow down, and enjoy your food! Mindful eating can allow you to actually taste and enjoy your food, eating an amount that satisfies, without feeling overly stuffed. 

  • Move in a way that feels good. Irregular schedules and gloomy weather (at least here in the Midwest) can make it challenging to stick to a routine. Ditch the rigid schedules, and aim to move your body in some way every. single. day. 
  • Maybe it’s doing some extra laps in the grocery store, taking a hot yoga class, or simply getting your heart rate up while playing with the kiddos. You can get the benefits of movement without getting on a treadmill. 

    Pro Tip:Getting outdoors can also boost vitamin D and provide mental benefits to fight the winter blues. 

  • Engage in positive self-talk. The way you talk to yourself matters. Avoid the comparison trap, and trust that you are the expert of your own body. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help from an expert if you need extra support through the holidays. 

  • This holiday season, aim to count memories (not calories), and truly be present in the moment. Remember that health is multifaceted. Continue to look at the bigger picture for longevity in your health journey, long after the holidays."

    *More about Katie: She is a Registered Dietitian and Fitness Professional with a passion for helping women to stop dieting and start living. She works with women to eliminate the rigid, all-or-nothing mindset and replace it with one that celebrates life’s small wins to let them grow. Through both nutrition and fitness coaching, she empowers women to become the expert of their own bodies. She is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and has a virtual practice based out of Indianapolis, Indiana! Learn more at or by subscribing to Fit Friends Happy Hour Podcast.