5 {Unexpected} Tips for Tackling Soreness

June 21, 2019

5 {Unexpected} Tips for Tackling Soreness

Sure, stretching is important, but at this point, that's pretty common knowledge. As we head in to Week 2 of the 14 Day Challenge, we want to talk about some other effective ways to tackle your soreness and recover faster so that you can #ownyourafter

1. CBD Oil - This might just be the supplement your workout is missing. An increasing number of clinical trials show that CBD decreases inflammation which is key for faster recovery. CBD comes in creams, sprays and in pill form and can be used after your workout to help you feel less stiff and sore. We love this article from PopSugar on the different ways to incorporate CBD in to your workout routine. This tip is an Après HQ favorite!

2. Active Recovery - Exercise puts stress on your muscles while recovery gives your body time to adapt and rebuild. Plus, active recovery the day after a workout releases lactic acid and leaves you with much less pain and soreness. Experiment with a foam rolling routine (one of our favorites is this quick routine from Lauren Roxborough), or slow things down with a yoga flow (try this one from our friends at Lululemon).

3. Inversions (AKA hang upside down) - If you have an inversion table, then great. Otherwise, try a handstand or simply elevate your legs by propping them against a wall for a couple of minutes. Inversions have been shown to assist with lymph fluid circulation (less inflammation) and can also help with low back or hip misalignment from high intensity workouts.

4. Recovery Shower - Compared to jumping straight in to an ice bath, this is a much easier and more approachable way to recover. A recovery shower alternates between hot and cold water every 30 seconds for about 5 minutes. Just be sure to start with cold. This is an effective way to stimulate circulation and aid in muscle recovery. *Push through the first 30 seconds of feeling uncomfortable and I guarantee you'll feel energized and less sore later!

5. Herbs: You already know how important it is to consume protein, healthy fats and electrolytes post-workout. Together, these ingredients help repair muscle, provide sustained energy and rehydrate your body. There are also some powerful herbs that have been shown to help relax muscles and aid in recovery. Try adding anti-inflammatory turmeric to your tea or sprinkle it in your yogurt. According to this study, cherry juice as also an effective remedy for muscles experiencing a lot of stress. Lastly, capsaicin, found in cayenne pepper, is a natural muscle relaxant.