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5 ways to use coconut oil that you haven't thought of yet

July 25, 2018 1 Comment

5 ways to use coconut oil that you haven't thought of yet

Coconut oil in our hair, on our face and in our coffee - we're down to use it in pretty much everything. It's moisturizing, energizing, healing and tastes pretty amazing in our opinion. Honestly, if we could have one thing on a deserted island (besides Après of course!) it would be this bad boy. 

So, in an effort to bring this baby into every part of our routine, here are 5 new ways to use the stuff. 

1. For eyelash growth: You read that right. Later chemical filled Latisse. Thanks to all of the fatty acids in coconut oil, this is the OG of hair growth. Apply some to bare lashes at night and watch those babes grow over the next couple of weeks. 

2. To optimize brain function: Coconut oil is packed with MCTs, or medium chain triglycerides, which break down differently than normal fats. When coconut oil breaks down in your digestive system it releases ketones which are used by brain cells for fuel. 

3. As deodorant: We are all about that chemical free beauty life. Mix coconut oil with arrowroot powder, corn starch, baking soda and an essential oil (we like lavender). It's sweat life approved. 

4. To support your digestive system: The antimicrobial properties in coconut oil can help fight irritation and infection in the gut from candida. 

5. For a good night sleep: I don't think we can say it enough, the healthy fats in coconut oil are magical. The fatty acids help provide your body with the necessary building blocks for great sleep hormones. 

At this rate, people may start paying their bills in coconut oil, so our plan is to hoard the stuff. If you're using coconut oil in other alternative ways we'd love to know! Leave us a comment below or head over to @drinkapres on Insta to chat with us. 

xx Team Après

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September 15, 2018

Hey! I would love to try your product…I keep seeing it on YouTube. Are you coming to Canada soon?

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