Après Today Vol. 1 - Meet trainer and nutrition expert Maricris Lapaix

February 24, 2022

Après Today Vol. 1 - Meet trainer and nutrition expert Maricris Lapaix

Meet Maricris Lapaix, a trainer and world traveler who shares more about her experience as a Black fitness professional and her transformation from athlete to fitness entrepreneur.  


Après: Tell us about yourself.

Maricris: With the growth of social media, and sharing my experiences as an athlete online through the years, people started to ask me for fitness advice. I wanted to feel qualified to share knowledge, so after some years I decided to pursue a personal training certification. And after my first mock training session, there was no turning back! I instantly knew I could make a positive impact on someone's life by empowering them with their health and fitness. 



Après: Who was your inspiration?

Maricris: My inspirations were my coaches and teachers in high school, they really served as my mentors. They opened my eyes to realities that I didn't even realize were a possibility for me. With every success, they showed me what the next door could open and supported every path I decided to take. I'm forever grateful to them.


"As I continue to pursue my career goals and reach new heights, I realize that I am making space for others in the black and minority community to do the same. And that's what is most important to me now."


Après: Tell us about your journey in the Fitness industry?

Maricris: Everyone definitely has their own unique experiences, and mine comes from the place of being mixed as Filipino and Haitian. And quite honestly, not everyone recognizes that I am black. And for me, sometimes the biggest obstacle is feeling like I don't fit in any box perfectly.

With my family dynamic, and where I grew up, I didn't have too much exposure to my cultures, particularly my Haitian side. That is my journey. The more I learn about myself, the more I'm able to speak about my background and stand proud of my heritage.  I'm appreciative of platforms like Après who give me the opportunity to authentically speak about my experiences. 


"And that's when it really hit me that I'm not working out for aesthetics, I'm working out to be STRONG IN LIFE!"


Après: What is your fitness philosophy?

Maricris: My fitness philosophy is to stay "STRONG IN LIFE". This motto really came about as I started to travel and experience more of the world around me. I will always remember when I was in Thailand and having to hike down and climb ladders to get to a white sand beach. It was quite the journey, but so worth it! When I reached the beach, I just remember thinking "if I wasn't healthy I would've missed out on this opportunity".I felt so much gratitude for my body and health. 

And that's when it really hit me that I'm not working out for aesthetics, I'm working out to make sure I enjoy everything life has to offer! I train to be STRONG IN LIFE!



"Reading has become such an important part of my routine because if I'm continually learning, I'm continually progressing, and keeping an open mind." 


Après: How do you start your day?

Maricris: I start each day with my morning routine. I love to start off quiet and ease into my day. I start each morning off with the meditation of the day from the Calm App, as well as the daily prayer from Churchome. It's so important for me to start the day with positive affirmations, and gather feelings of gratitude and good vibes. I then write 3 things I'm grateful for in my gratitude journal. This is another way I continue to fill up my cup to make sure I'm feeling my best.

When I do this I'm able to serve others from a full cup! The last thing I do is read a book! Depending on my schedule for the day, I set my timer for 10-20 minutes to read. The book will vary depending on what's going on in my life. I could be reading a personal development book, a business book, or even a continuing education course for my personal training certification. 

Après: What food is always in your fridge?

Maricris: Some of my fridge staples are:

  • Eggs
  • 2-3 veggies (mushrooms, broccoli, spinach)
  • 1 ready to eat protein and 1 that has to be cooked
  • Après RTD (duh!)
  • Water
  • Trader Joe's Green Tea Mochi
  • Trader Joe's ready to eat rice

I like to have a variety of meals that are quick, and some that I can take more time to prepare. My schedule can change quickly, so I make sure I'm set up for multiple scenarios. 

Après: How do we supportyou?

Maricris: Thanks for asking! Move with Maricris is my personal brand. You can find more information by clicking the links below: 

Instagram: @maricrislapaix

Youtube: Move with Maricris