The real benefits of coconut water (hint: you may not know all of them!)

May 05, 2019

The real benefits of coconut water (hint: you may not know all of them!)

You've either been on a 10 year Kundalini Yoga retreat or live off the grid in Joshua Tree (even still) if you haven't heard at least rumblings about the power of coconut water. Heck, the Kardashians have the stuff stockpiled in their fridge and Sephora makes a hydrating coconut water sleeping mask. We even heard that Jennifer Aniston sleeps on a coconut water bed, though that last one might be a bit of a stretch. 

Either way, coconut water is more than just a passing cult fad. It's got the nutrition science to back it up as a hydration mainstay. Let's start off with your body and its needs so that we can understand just how powerful coconut water is.

Your muscles are 75% water. That means that hydration, especially after a sweaty yoga or spin class, is paramount for proper recovery. Coconut water has an edge over water and traditional sports "rehydration" beverages for a few reasons. For one, coconut water is packed with potassium, which is a key player in rehydration. It's crucial to help ease skeletal muscle contraction, and can help prevent muscle cramps. Coconut water is also packed with other electrolytes including magnesium, calcium, and a little bit of sodium which help maintain fluid balance in the body. And yes, sodium can be good for you! 

Lastly, traditional coconut water isn't packed with sugar the way sports drinks are. Notice how we said traditional coconut water. Be weary of coconut water brands on the market that are adding cane sugar to their formulas for added sweetness. This will not help you rehydrate or recover. 

When we were designing Après, we were focused on one key element - Replenishment. What would the perfect replenishment beverage look like? 

It started with a base of organic plant protein, perfect for full body recovery. Next, we added MCTs from organic virgin coconut oil to keep you fuller longer and help optimize brain function. Then, we knew that to be true to our replenishment roots, the product needed to actually rehydrate. What better base than coconut water! 

You'll notice that the coconut water in Après is also not "Coconut Water from Concentrate". Any fruit or vegetable that comes from concentrate loses nutrients in the process. Most companies choose it because it's easier to transport coconut water from concentrate since it's lighter weight and takes up less space, and is therefore cheaper to transport. But, that's not us. Après coconut water is shipped in big drums on a boat directly from the Philippines - nutrients still intact! 

If you haven't noticed already, we are big coconut water fans. Not only is it the perfect way to replenish and rehydrate your body but it has a delicious taste that adds a hint of sweetness to Après. We're willing to go great lengths to get the very best coconut water, even if that means more $$ and work on our end. (Fun fact: on time our coconut water drums got stuck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean due to a storm. It halted production and we were stocked out of Après on our site for a few weeks. Yikes!)

If you have any questions about our organic coconut water, or any of our other ingredients, please leave your questions below or contact us directly at