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5 alternative ways to decrease your stress

June 21, 2018

5 alternative ways to decrease your stress

The stress crisis is real. Whether it's stress at work, anxiety around money, or a panic attack after your latest bumble date. Stress is everywhere! 

What's scary, is that research has proven that stress doesn't only live in the brain, it effects almost every part of your body. Originally, stress was meant to help us escape dangers like a tiger in the jungle or an enemy invasion. Now, we're no longer worried about surviving a bear attack, rather an email from our boss or the number of likes we get on Instagram. 

We're in a constant state of fight or flight and it's wreaking havoc on our bodies. Here are 5 alternative ways to bring some zen back into your life. 

1. Opt for group fitness classes instead of sweating solo

Get this, according to this study, working out with a group decreased perceived stress levels by 26%. It also improved mental, physical and emotional stress by an average of 21%. ClassPass, sign us up! 

2. Get into art (even if you think you suck!) 

Whether it's painting, pot throwing, or sewing - art is a fantastic way to reduce stress. This study said that 45 minutes of creative activity significantly lessens stress in the body, regardless of artistic experience or talent. So even if you're only drawing stick figures, you could significantly reduce your cortisol levels. 

3. Bring your amethyst with you everywhere

Crystals are packed with powerful energy, but the energy from amethysts is particularly helpful in relieving stress (I carry one with me everywhere btw). It's said that the crystal attracts positive energy while also ridding your body of negative emotions. We're loving this article on the power of crystals to relieve stress.  

4. Clean your closet

Before you roll your eyes, hear us out. Stress reduction is all about eliminating external chaos. Whether that's your closet or the desk drawer that's full of old kombucha wrappers and bobby pins, clutter exacerbates stress. We're personally big fans of Marie Kondo. Her tidying up method is a game changer. 

5. Try lavender essential oils

There's something so soothing about a nice lavender candle or rose filled bath, but science backs this up too! According to a number of clinical trials, lavender is great at reducing overall anxiety, especially when inhaled. Try adding it to a bath and get ready to totally chill. 

Stress here and there can be useful. It helps us escape danger and can also be the kick in the butt we need to get things done. Too much of it though, is not good for overall health. So, do your body some good and test out a few of these methods. Your bod and mind will thank you. 


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