Feeling Good, Looking Good

January 13, 2020

Feeling Good, Looking Good

Feeling good is the new looking good this year. It’s refreshing to be on top of your game. As you continue on your resolution or reset journey, here’s solid inspiration for being your best inside and out. So often we start from the outside when really the changes we make are on the inside.

Five ways to feel good this season:

Move your Body

The best way to feel happy, healthy and fit is to exercise. There is no substitute. Research shows that exercise will boost your mood, help you to sleep better and increase your self-esteem. This is partially due to the release of endorphins in your body as you workout. Endorphins decrease our sense of pain and increase our happiness and sense of pleasure. If you want your mood to go up, increase your exercise. Working out doesn’t mean 60 minutes or 0; all or nothing. Working out to a ten-minute app on your phone is still exercise. Start somewhere.

Eat Mindfully

What you put in in your body really matters and how you eat to. Consider your shopping list, is this food fresh, clean, and nutritious? When eating meals pay more attention to your portions. Appreciate your food and where it comes from, the journey it took to get to your plate. Pay attention to chewing, the sensory experience of eating (YUM) the feelings of fullness and cues your body gives you. Be thankful. We’re always in such a rush these days that we forget to really enjoy eating, so the next time you take a bite enjoy it from the next level.

Find Peace of Mind

Your mind runs a constant stream of thoughts most of the time. Remember that you have the choice to switch on and off certain channels and help reprogram your reality. Don’t like what you’re hearing? Switch up your inner voice. Focusing on good times or success is better than imagining bad times or failures. If you are new to meditation, there are a lot of great apps there to help you center and find peace. We’re really digging WAVE, a mindful music app and in-home meditation kit: check them out.

Don’t Compare Yourself

We live in a crazy world of comparison and judgment thanks to social media and commercial advertising. We’re aware that the media is moving in a new more inclusive direction much to the benefit of our subconscious, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get caught up in comparing ourselves to others. As you scroll through the channels remember that you are uniquely you, your life is like no other and you have nothing to prove to anyone. You are the best you can be in every moment just as you are.

Catch Some Rays

It’s winter out there, don’t over-hibernate. We soaking up a lot of screen time and probably not enough sun. Seek out some rays, even if it’s on a street corner or a cozy spot in your home at a sunny time of day. 10-15 minutes of sunshine can boost your vitamin D and your mood. Keep those good vibes alive.


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