Hot tips from celebrity Fitness Trainer Joey Bronston to keep you moving!

January 17, 2022

Hot tips from celebrity Fitness Trainer Joey Bronston to keep you moving!

Written by Fitness Expert Joey Bronston, NASM certified personal trainer.

Can a workout routine give you pleasure and enjoyment? We absolutely think so, if done the right way!

Most people spend their lives grinding on treadmills just to look a certain way, which leads to a lot of stress and anxiety. Let's change that in 2022! It’s all about how you feel, not how you look. For the third week of our 'Reset Challenge', we hope to give you the tools to set fitness goals that motivate you and bring consistency to your life. Let's dive into it with some practical tips from celebrity trainer Joey Bronston.

Après: Mind introducing yourself and sharing a bit about who you are and the backstory of your fitness and wellness journey?

Joey: My name is Joey Bronston, and I am a corrective exercise specialist, certified personal trainer, and founder of JBFIT. As a kid, I was always active, whether it was playing baseball and basketball, or going out to skate with my friends. I started working out in my freshman year of high school, and suddenly became the go-to guy for any fitness related questions. During my college years, I didn’t make the best nutrition choices (noodle cups, Costco pizzas and frozen burritos were my go-to!), and it quickly reflected on the way I felt. I still managed to keep a consistent workout routine and stay in shape, but my health wasn’t optimal. 

After graduating college and going through multiple jobs I wasn’t passionate about, I decided to get my NASM certification. I started training friends for free and posting them on my Instagram. Before I knew it, my schedule started to fill up and allowed me to quit my 9-5 job. While scary, it was the best decision and I never looked back! I’m now 31 years young, I’ve built up a great clientele in LA, have a thriving online business, and I’m just getting started!


Après: We all know working out is "good for you," but could you speak to the benefits and transformations you've either experienced or seen with clients, from the physical to the mental and beyond?

Joey: Most of my clients come to me because they are unhappy with the way they look and feel. Some of their insecurities come from society throwing certain body types at them, and others come from them just not liking the way they see themselves in the mirror. Regardless of the reason, changing their outlook and giving them the motivation to feel more confident, and ultimately happier, is my number one priority. Once someone completes a whole challenge or program with me, not only their mindset changes drastically, but they’ve now turned working out into a habit. 

The testimonials I get from my clients are amazing. Most of them start off their journeys feeling down, unmotivated, and even depressed. Those are strong feelings that we work hard to turn around.  After consistently working together for a length of time, they surprise themselves with how far they’ve come mentally. While they might ‘look’ better, the biggest change often comes in the way they feel. If you feel confident, you’re more likely to be happy. And if you’re happy, every day is going to be THAT much better! 


Après: For those of us that have established workout routines and perhaps feel a bit stuck or have plateaued, how would you recommend breaking through?

Joey: It all comes down to your goals. The first thing you should look into is nutrition. It could be that you should be eating more, less, or simply different nutrients to fuel your body properly. From there, take a look at your workout routine. It might be time to switch it up, or even keep it the same but play around with tempo and intensity. You’d be surprised how changing your intervals, or upping your rep count could help spice things up! But everybody is different, what works for one may not work for someone else. That’s why working with an experienced trainer is paramount. 


Après: For those of us that have experienced a loss of motivation or have seen our fitness routines fall by the wayside during the pandemic, how do we find our spark or motivation to get things started again? Any tricks or tips or recommendations to get us up and going?

Joey: Find your WHY. When you’re feeling unmotivated, take a moment to reflect on why you’re on this journey. You probably hear this a lot, but it couldn’t be more than true. If you have a good WHY (reason) you are doing it, whenever you start to lose motivation, just go back to it. That why becomes your drive and gets you going when you're losing steam.

Another thing that works for me is gratitude (and it all comes back to mindset!). Being grateful that you are even able to get up and workout helps put things into perspective. Put yourself in someone else's shoes, who isn't able to do most activities or move their body freely. This is a great reminder that the ultimate goal of having a consistent fitness routine is to keep your body healthy. Switching up your mindset will do wonders.


Après: How do you guide your clients to set fitness and movement goals, and ultimately achieve them?

Joey: I never force my clients to do anything. They have to want to do the work. Once I understand their motivations, we review their goals and set some benchmarks to measure progress along the way. l always try to switch things up by setting new personal records, and having them perfect their form. Some of my clients get so annoyed repeating certain exercises all the time (i.e. single leg deadlift!), but once they get the form and stability down, they get so happy and feel accomplished! That consistency, in the movement as well as in their practice, is what allows them to reach their goals.


Après: Are there any fitness fads that you would recommend staying away from, and if so, what're good alternatives? 

Joey: “You can’t eat carbs and lose weight.” I hate that! A better alternative to this is to eat healthy, complex carbs.  You can even play around with ‘carb cycling’, where you manipulate your carb intake throughout the week. It’s a great way to build lean muscle while losing some unwanted body fat. But be sure to work with a professional who can give you the best recommendations according to your body and personal goals.


Après: How do you know when a workout routine isn't working for your body and you should look to switch things up?

Joey: if you’re following a nutrition/workout routine and staying consistent for at least two months, you should be seeing results. The keyword here is consistency. Lots of my clients (and probably beyond) get impatient, and want to see results immediately. Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut and it takes commitment and hard work to reach your goals. That being said, if I’m not seeing results with them after that length of time, that's the signal something isn’t working quite right and it’s time to switch it up. Most people won’t stay consistent for that long to find out if it works or not though!


Après: Final words / tips that you'd like to share about your work / vision of the fitness world?

Joey: For all the beginner trainers out there: There are so many ways to train, so don’t think that the way that you’re doing it is wrong. Be a good student and learn as much as you can, while carving out your own path. My style of training has always been HIIT/Interval training. You hear a lot of negative things about HIIT workouts, but as long as you keep the health of your clients your top priority, don’t listen to the noise. It’s all about knowledge and commitment. Trust your vision, and trust the process. Lastly (and that's for everyone), make sure you finish everything you do stronger than when you started, even if just 1%.


About Joey Bronston:

Joey is a corrective exercise specialist, certified personal trainer, and founder of Joey Bronston Fitness. With more than 10 years in the industry, his training method targets each of his client’s specific needs, and challenges them to reach limits they never thought they could.

In 2018, he released his first custom online coaching program that transformed thousands of individuals' lives all around the world. In addition to his streaming platform, he's always looking for ways to connect with his community by sharing daily workouts and fitness/nutrition tips on his social media channels. Here's where you can find him:


Instagram: @joebronston

TikTok: @joebronston

Youtube: Joey Bronston