Food and Nutrition Positivity

May 13, 2020

Food and Nutrition Positivity

See what health coach and San Diego trainer, Meagan Barnaba, has to say about food and nutrition positivity during pandemic: 

Nutrition in quarantine is a journey and is ever-changing. When I found out my bikini competition was canceled I fell into a hard binge, I wasn't sure exactly how to cope with all the anxiety of the world. I had been training so hard at the time, this news was a total letdown. I was also so used to restricting myself that food became a comfort. As I leaned into those foods that release those feel-good triggers, gluten & sugar namely, I felt awful physically, but I couldn’t stop. But, I do know to treat my body better and be gentle with myself when I need to, so I realized this:

There is no right way to handle this situation, so all you can do is give your best efforts every day to do what is best for yourself.

Journal: I started by writing. I wrote down what I was feeling, what my goals were, what I wanted to change and what I was happy with.

Get a Partner: I opened up to those around me, asking for accountability in workouts. Friends, family, co-workers, new internet friends, whomever: we are all craving closeness and support right now, so just reach out! 

Snack Healthy: I made sure to have lots of healthy snack options and removed all the things that would send me back into a binge ... (keep reading for my top healthy snacks to nom on)

Create a Clean Space: Having an environment that promotes healthy eating always makes a huge difference for myself and my clients.

Cultivate Self-Love: Lastly, I looked myself in the mirror and said ‘I love my body.’ I didn’t comment on the ‘flaws’ that I saw or suck my stomach in and shame myself for eating that extra piece of chocolate, I just appreciated my body for what it is with the intentions of keeping me healthy and moving during this time. It sounds cheesy and ridiculous to some of you I am sure. I used to hate the words ‘self-love,’ but with practice and time it actually starts to work and it feels less forced.

This is a time filled with confusion and doubt. The negativity can drag us down at any moment, so why add to it? Remember, you aren’t going to be perfect in your routines and that's okay.

Right now, today, I ask that you make a pact with yourself, and me, to give yourself some grace. Would you say what you say to yourself to someone else? .... If you need help at all during this time please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are all in this together. You can also workout with me live @MVMTWarehouse on Instagram!

Here are some of my favorite snack ideas:

    1. For my sweet tooth, I snack on rice cakes with an all-natural peanut butter 
    2. For a savory snack, I eat popcorn with popcorn seasoning. I buy the plain popcorn at the store and then top it with white cheddar and sriracha seasoning. It's so yum! 
    3. I love Après for vegan protein and plant-based nourishment when I'm feeling like I don't want to cook or need a quick pick me up. 

Thanks for reading my story, remember that you are not alone!