The tiny tweak you can make for a healthier, happier holiday

November 20, 2018

The tiny tweak you can make for a healthier, happier holiday

Here at Après we believe that true health is all about giving back to your body. Sometimes, that means a healthy meal and 8 hours of sleep. Other times, it's a night out with friends drinking wine and snacking on pizza and holiday cookies. 

That's why this holiday season, we don't think you should give up your favorite eggnog cocktail or piece of pumpkin pie. Instead, we want you to focus on adding quality nutrients to your plate while still enjoying all of the deliciousness that the holidays have to offer. It's a little something we like to call crowding out. 

Crowding out really flips your traditional approach to food on its head. Instead of focusing your time and energy on the foods that you "shouldn't eat" during the holidays (that's so stressful and negative anyways!), we encourage you to shift your attention to adding more of the good stuff to your plate. The secret...when you add in more veggies, healthy fats and lean proteins you will naturally diminish your cravings for sugary, processed foods.

For example, at a holiday dinner, I like to start off by adding salad, root veggies and lean proteins to my plate. This normally fills me up, so when I head back for the buttery bread roll or pecan pie, just one piece is enough. When you focus on crowding out, many times there just isn't much room left for the other stuff because your body is already nourished with great food. 

Another tip is to eat a small, filling snack before heading to a dinner or cocktail party. This snack can look something like veggies and hummus, half an avocado, a spoonful of almond butter, an Après (yes!), etc. These light bites fill you up with nutrients that your body needs so that you're not nearly as tempted by all of the unhealthy foods being served.

What we really love about the crowding out method is that it builds a positive framework around food. Normally the holidays involve a lot of negativity towards eating and we just aren't down with that. This holiday, I'm challenging you to look at food and health in a new light. Focus on the gorgeous, filling, nutritious, foods that you can eat. Think about how they are nourishing your body, giving you energy and healing you from the inside out. Then, if you still want to indulge, do it, and don't have an ounce of guilt. 

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