Give back to your body week 3

January 12, 2019

Give back to your body week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the Give Back to Your Body Challenge. The last two weeks have been very powerful. Hundreds of you have committed time and energy to focusing on small rituals that make your body and brain stronger. 

We've tossed old ways of thinking about resolutions out the window. No fears around don't eat this or do more of that. Instead, we've made a commitment that isn't based in fear, rather a love for our bodies and what they are capable of doing. 

These small challenges aren't meant to take away from your bigger picture goals. In fact, they are laying a solid foundation so that you can get to those larger accomplishments even faster. These challenges are meant to help you chase your goals from a place of power. Allow me to explain. 

Three years ago I had a client come to me looking for a way to lose weight and get out of a cycle of hate around her body. She wanted me to help get her on a strict diet and commit to 6 days a week of exercise. I said no. 

Instead of jumping right in to a crazy diet and exercise regimen, I told her that all I wanted her to do was to eat a protein and fat packed breakfast and to write down 5 things she loved about herself every morning. Nothing else. No workouts, no restrictions. She did this for 2 weeks. 

After those two weeks, I told her that on top of a healthy breakfast and her morning gratitude, I wanted her to walk for 30 minutes 3x a week and eat 3 servings of vegetables per day. That's it. 

After a month of only focusing on these small shifts she was down 7lbs, sleeping better than ever and was starting to restore the love she'd had for her body when she was younger. 

My point here is that you need to focus on ways to *give* to your body instead of take away. Lay a strong foundation starting with small rituals and build up to accomplishing your bigger goals. So, which small rituals can you start to incorporate in to your routine that give back to your body and brain in a way that gets you closer to your goals? 

For me, I'm focused on having the biggest and most badass business year of my life. How will I start to do that? I'm focused on ways to keep anxiety low, my brain clear and show up the very best that I can for my Après team every day. So with that, I'm focused on the following 5 challenges this week: Set goals for my week, month and year, go a night without Instagram, sleep 8 hours, read 30 minutes instead of tv, and sit in a park to meditate. 

Which 5 challenges will you choose and how are those getting you closer to your larger goals? Please share with me in the comments below or check us out on Instagram @drinkapres to share. I can't wait to hear from you! 

xx Darby