How to Stay Healthy @ Home

March 16, 2020

How to Stay Healthy @ Home

Dear friends and family,

Right now, your health comes first. We consider health and well-being one of mind, body, and nutrition. We know distancing feels isolating at times, it's important to note this is also an incredible moment to rise up, build deeper community and connection in the digital world and discover your inner strengths. We encourage you to adopt new mindfulness and wellness practices to help you remain calm in the chaos and form new healthy patterns for your life. Again, your health comes first. 

1. Maintain Relationships. Mind Body Green wrote an interesting piece on the importance of your friendships, even during distancing. Friendships can potentially help support your immune system and physical health and help you feel not so alone, quarantined or not. 

2. Move Your Body. We understand exercise supports our health, but in times like these, it tends to be the first activity that we ignore. The right balance of exercise is important for each individual. While working out from home make sure you are training with the right professional partners. We'll send you some fun workouts this week from a few of our favorites.

3. Be Mindful. Staying calm in the chaos is VIP. We love the Inscape app for chill factor and this epic playlist from NPR: Isle of Calm.

4. Make Smart Food Choices. When doing your best to not panic, clear out shelves, etc., please consider what is inside your shelf-stable food. Look for fruits and veggies that can live outside the fridge, frozen fruits and vegetables, dry nuts, whole grains and beans. You can make complete healthy meals, it might take a little more thought to meal prep and this is okay. Look to purchase balanced snacks that are healthy, shelf-stable, and still good for you. Here are some tips from a nutritionist on what to look for.

Stay happy and healthy!


Team Après