The glow up is real: Introducing Après’ new look and formula

August 23, 2021

The glow up is real: Introducing Après’ new look and formula

Hi Après fam!

Less than a year ago, our product was named the Best New Active Lifestyle Product by the 2020 NEXTY Awards, run by the largest and most well-regarded trade organization in the better-for-you food and beverage industry. It was awesome.

While we took time to celebrate, we also knew that we could still improve. We collected data from our online reviews and conducted numerous surveys and interviews with many of you. You told us what you loved about the product, what could be improved, and what you wanted to see next.

After months of hard work by our team, we're excited to share our new and upgraded product line.


To those of you that took the time to offer feedback, we are so grateful. We exist because of -- and for -- you, and we want you to know that we listened. 

First, what's not different?
👍 Same great taste -- the number one thing we heard from you was to not sacrifice taste, so we made sure that all changes had a neutral or beneficial impact on how our product tasted, both in terms of flavor as well as texture.

👍 Still no added junk -- we swapped out some ingredient suppliers that ran into issues during COVID-19, but kept our ingredient list clean as a whistle. No mystery ingredients or junk added.

Ok, but what IS different?
✅ More protein -- In our customer surveys, more than 50% of you indicated that you were happy with the amount of protein in our drinks, and another 28% of you wanted just a little more. So, we decided to squeeze in an extra gram to go from 14g to 15g of protein, which is what many of you said was the perfect amount. Not a huge change, but worth doing!

✅ Less sugar -- the surveys showed that we were in the right ballpark with only 5g of sugar, but you wanted a little less. But you also shared that you didn't want it to impact taste, and you also didn't want to switch from coconut to cane sugar, which is stronger on a per gram basis (in terms of taste, but also in terms of what it does to your blood sugar levels). So we reduced the amount of coconut sugar by 1g, and increased the amount of monk fruit extract (a natural non-caloric sweetener best used in small quantities) by a touch. Now, we have only 4g of sugar rather than 5g, with the same level of sweetness. And our net carbs are now only 6-7g/bottle, down from 7-9g. Win, win!

✅ Same same (but different) look -- we refreshed the bottle to more fully convey the goodness of what's inside while still leaning into our brand's design aesthetic. We received feedback that some people discovering our drink in stores didn't know what the product was (protein drink? coconut water? coffee elixir?), and that's not good! So, hopefully, we've cleared up any confusion while remaining fully "us."

An extra special thank you
To all of you, we're so grateful for your continued support, and we're excited to share that we have even more things coming your way soon. But in the meantime, we recognize that growth isn't always easy, and we've certainly encountered our bumps in the road as we made the new product cutover, from out of stocks to slower-than-expected fulfillment and shipping. We worked incredibly hard to minimize the impacts, but we know they were still felt. So, thank you as always for sticking with us and being so understanding and supportive.

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Team Après