Planet over Profit: let's talk packaging

April 19, 2021

Planet over Profit: let's talk packaging

Because sustainability is at the core of our values, we celebrate Earth Day everyday, one bottle of Après at a time!

When first thinking about Après' packaging, we wanted it to look gorgeous and be portable for your on-the-go lifestyle, without the environmental impact. The easier way to go would have been plastic. But, out of the 50 billion plastic bottles being bought each year, 80% end up in a landfill, and that greatly concerned us. We didn't want to be a brand that contributed to those numbers.

We looked into glass options, and for a while, we thought it would be a great alternative. It offered the transparency to see the liquid in the bottle while also being more environmentally friendly than plastic. The issue - it wouldn't allow our product to be shelf stable, a request we continued to hear from our customers as we built Après. Plus it's really bulky and breakable, making it difficult to throw the drink in your bag when you're on the run.

That's when we discovered TetraPak. 

TetraPak is the name of the paperboard carton we use to package Après. 100% of TetraPak's paperboard comes from controlled wood sources (yay for replanting trees!), is completely recyclable and even the cap is plant-based! And when it came down to it, carton packaging has the lowest carbon footprint when compared to plastic or glass. So, not only did the packaging check our eco-friendly box, it also allowed Après to be a non-refrigerated product without any added chemicals or mystery ingredients.

It's important to remember that you vote with your dollar, which means the brands you buy are an extension of who you are and what you support. That's why we've built Après with clean, plant-based ingredients sourced from the best suppliers and topped of with packaging we all can feel good about. 

If you ever have questions, comments or suggestions for us, we are all ears! Just shoot us an email at or leave us a comment here!

To learn more about how to recycle TetraPak in your state, head to their website