Love is love is love

June 17, 2021

Love is love is love

Happy Pride Month Après fam! Here’s to celebrating love in all of its beautiful forms!

When starting Après, we knew without a doubt one of our core values was inclusivity. We wanted to make a drink and build a community that every gender, every age, every race, every sexuality, every body type felt comfortable and good about being a part of. As a brand, we want our consumers to feel seen, heard, appreciated and loved for the human beings they are. As a company, we want to do our part to make this an inclusive and equitable world.

We love supporting and cheering on the trailblazers in every industry who continually push boundaries and break glass ceilings, which is why we’re excited for the opportunity to chat with Dani and Keely, the Founders of Coming Out Happy. In case you can't join us for our Instagram Live on Friday (or you already missed it if you're reading this later on!), here's a little bit more about them and why it's so important for us to highlight amazing companies like this one. 

Dani Max and Keely Antonio are life partners and life coaches for LGBTQ+ adults. They came together to create their next-level personal development company, called Coming Out Happy, that reaches people all over the world. Through their programs, online courses, corporate wellness programs and their podcast, they empower LGBTQ+ people to reconnect with their authentic self in order to create deeply fulfilling and passionate relationships.

Dani is a certified IPEC life coach and 2x published author, helping clients internationally for the last 5 years. Keely is a natural-born healer specializing in coming out in religion and healing from toxic relationships. They can't wait to continue helping people, one person at a time. 

To learn more about how you can get connected with Coming Out Happy, check out the following: 


Instagram: @comingouthappy

Tiktok: @comingouthappyteam


If you know of any amazing founders/brands you'd like for us to shoutout and chat with, hit us up!