How to stay healthy during the Holidays with Albina Katsman

November 23, 2020

How to stay healthy during the Holidays with Albina Katsman

We chatted with our friend Albina Katsman about the launch of her new virtual fitness program, #BodyByBina, and how she stays healthy and motivated through the holiday season!

Quick intro: Who you are, what you do, how did you connect with Après first?

Hi everyone! I am Albina Katsman. The creator of #BodyByBina- a Virtual Fitness Program. I am a Fitness Instructor, Producer and Actress! I first connected with Après through the fitness world on Instagram at the beginning of quarantine, and the rest is history 😉

What inspired you to become a fitness trainer, and what is your philosophy around working out/living a healthy lifestyle?

Growing up, I was always playing sports and was always busy with activities, so being busy is my norm! I love having a to-do list (well, most of the time), I love moving around, and I truly believe that "movement is healing." Once the pandemic hit, this became my mantra. People weren't leaving their house, working from home and the little movement that they did before decreased exponentially. I want to remind everyone that keeping physically active is still the best thing that we can do. Movement helps, whatever it is, even if it's just 10 minutes a day. 

My workouts are open to any type of person, as I focus on bodyweight exercises and always offer modifications. The best part? Each class is 30-45 minutes EACH. Super accessible and very effective! My clients that have been working out with me during the pandemic feel better, look strong and always say that their sessions with me are what they look forward to every week!

What do your clients struggle with most about staying healthy and moving during the holidays and what is your advice to them?

During the holidays it's hard to keep our normal schedules and routines. We constantly have something to do, somewhere to go, and I get it- it's life! The best thing that I always recommend is promising yourself just 30 minutes a day. It doesn't matter what you do, an online pilates class, a walk around your neighborhood, a dance party with your family, just do something. Like I said, movement is healing!

Most valuable lesson you learned in your fitness journey or words of encouragement to people who are just starting?

Ah, words of encouragement? It's always easier said than done - but just get there. Get on your mat. Take your walk. Clip into your bike. Whatever it is, JUST SHOW UP! Don't force yourself to do what doesn't work for you. Not a morning person? Work our during your lunch hour or in the evening. Hitting a plateau or just plain tired of your same old workouts? Try something new!

Give us all the deets about your newly released program, and how to register!

My #BodyByBina 2-Week Challenge is out now. Two weeks of prepared Pilates/HIIT inspired workouts that will help lengthen, strengthen and tone your body! If you're not interested in the program, check out for 2 different subscription options. Pick what works best for you and join me for a pre-recorded ON DEMAND class or train with me LIVE through Zoom!