Happy Yoga Month!

September 16, 2020

Yoga Month

It’s time to get your Zen on!

Happy National Yoga Month to all you yogis out there! Or, if you’re one of those “I wear yoga pants but I’ve never done yoga” people, now is a good time to start! We are all about staying healthy, hydrated, and replenished in all areas of our lives.
Maintaining a regular yoga practice can provide both incredible physical and mental health benefits. Along with increasing flexibility and accessing all of those deep muscles, practicing yoga routinely will help keep your heart healthy. But more importantly, yoga can reduce stress and relieve anxiety and depression. With the craziness that is 2020, I think we can all agree that some time on our mats, tuning out the chaos in our heads, finding our breath and building that mind-body connection, would do us some good!
This month we interviewed Mairin McCracken, a yoga instructor from San Francisco, on how her practice has impacted her life. 
How did you discover your practice?
I suffered a dance injury in 2010 and by the time I dealt with it in 2011, I had to get surgery. During my recovery, I started doing yoga. I was surprised to realize how much I could get out of a low impact workout. I think my story is similar to many Western practitioners, in that I approached yoga for the Asana (physical fitness) component, but stayed when I learned more about the other facets of yoga. I would say I am still “discovering” my yoga practice because it changes day to day, and I still have so much more to learn about the philosophy. I am excited to see where else this journey takes me!
Why is yoga so important to you?
Yoga is such an important part of my life because it has been integral to my spiritual growth. It has helped me gain such a strong understanding of not just my physical body, but also how my mind and body talk to each other. The breathing component of yoga, combined with the philosophy it’s grounded in, have given me a toolkit for moving through things like anxiety and grief with a little more grace.
If someone hasn't tried yoga what can you say about the practice to encourage their first class?
I would tell them that I HATED yoga the first class I ever took! I remember taking a class in high school and thinking “Why does my instructor keep telling me to ‘rest’ in Downward Facing Dog? I can’t rest here! My shoulders- ouch!” I started to love yoga the more I took class. I would tell someone who’s new to yoga (or anyone, really) to find a studio they like and a teacher whom they trust. It can feel vulnerable and raw, and you want someone guiding you through your poses who knows what they’re doing and how to support you- physically and otherwise. I mean, they are literally telling you how to breathe!
You can find Mairin's class schedule, or try out her Yoga Sculpt Flow on the Après IGTV channel! And, whether you’re a full on yogi or an awkward beginner (🙋🏼‍♀) join us on Instagram @drinkapres for live yoga classes from the comfort of your home every Sunday at 9 a.m. PST. 

We look forward to moving + growing together,
See you on the mat!