A Note for Today's Reality

March 18, 2020

A Note for Today's Reality

To our Après community,

My name is Sonny McCracken, and I'm the Cofounder & CEO here at Après. To start, I hope this note finds you safe and healthy during these unique times.

In a few short weeks, COVID-19 has evolved from a news item to a pandemic that is now impacting us all.  My heart goes out to everyone that has fallen ill, and my deepest appreciation goes out to those fighting on the front lines of our healthcare system to cure and protect the afflicted and vulnerable.

Within this moment of adversity, there have been countless examples of selflessness, sacrifice, and strength. In the Après community specifically, we see fitness studio owners putting their communities before their livelihoods by voluntarily shutting down (or alternatively, assuming extra risk while remaining open), vendor partners working around the clock away from their families to fulfill orders and stabilize supply chains, and retail employees accepting additional personal risk to ensure we can get our core necessities like food and groceries. To me, the beauty of this moment -- if you can call it that -- is that we are standing together and supporting one another in what has otherwise become an increasingly divided world. And for that, I am grateful.

Here at Après, we're not immune to the challenges facing companies like ours, and we're making tough decisions to secure our future while also considering our community.

 With that in mind, here are our commitments to you:

 - Prioritizing the health and safety of our employees, vendors, partners, and the broader community

 - Never engaging in predatory practices such as price gouging

 - Continuing to fulfill orders on both our website ( and Amazon (if we are out of stock on Amazon, check our website)

 - Being transparent, responsive, and communicative to any changes in our operating procedures

As always, if you have any specific questions about our product or practices, please reach out to us at or DM us at @drinkapres, and remember that Après is safe and nutrient-dense, has an extended shelf life, and can be stored in your pantry, closet, or refrigerator. 

Stay tuned for updates, and remember to try to find fun and happiness amidst the madness!

Thanks and love to you all,


Sonny McCracken

Après Cofounder & CEO