Our Guide to Get Summer Ready

July 08, 2020, jenna duffy photography

Summer is here and we’ve never been more ready. Here's a handy guide for how to keep and form healthy habits this season.

1) Keep Moving: Join us on Instagram Live each week for programming from our favorite trainers and studio partners

2) Snack Healthy: Opt for products that are fresh from the earth or have clean ingredients (with names you can pronounce and recognize). When you plan ahead and pack healthy drinks and snacks, you'll have what you need on hand to avoid hanger and binge eating.

3) Stock Your Kitchen with Clean Food: We're big fans of meal prepping and healthy swaps. If there is something you are craving, it's likely because you are lacking certain nutrients in your diet - so make sure to eat with a well-rounded mindset and load up on lots of fruits and veggies! 

4) Stay Hydrated: It's VIP in these hotter months to keep hydrated and drink extra water or look for products with coconut water inside to help your body perform it's best while keeping cool. 

5) Plan a Staycation or Local Adventure: We can have the tendency to feel restless these days, how can we get more inspired by our neighboring communities? Try changing up your atmosphere, find a new spot in your local park, take a new direction on your morning walk / run - or consider a weekend or day trip to a site you've never been before. Finding new beauty around you will help you keep a fresh perspective. 

6) Get Mindful: Healthy habits are created inside and out. Keeping our minds expansive is just as important as what we eat and what we do. Try daily journaling to express your feelings or meditation. Visit our friends over at The Big Quiet for mindfulness tips, virtual courses and gatherings.

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