Staying 'Sane' in the New Normal

August 18, 2020

@ashleybatz, ashley batz photography

Don't you love the feeling when your fitness instructor says, “only 30 seconds left!" You know that you're about to make it through the challenge; you just need to push a little harder and it will all be over soon.

Our daily lives have changed so much, and the truth is that we don't have the luxury of a countdown to know when it will all be over. But, we are all still here, pushing forward together. So let's turn to the solutions that help keep us calm, give us satisfaction and provide some serenity.

Here's a daily checklist of things to do to help us feel our best:

  • Focus on a healthy diet and exercise
  • Get proper sleep as often as possible 
  • Make an effort to minimize screen time and daily news
  • Support your friends and loved ones 
  • Do more with less 
  • Plan for a future you can see 
  • Create a daily ritual or routine
  • Refresh your work from home space
  • Journal and let your feelings out
  • Expand your horizons and learn new skills
  • Breathe and move 
  • Spend any amount of time you can in nature
  • Get 10 minutes of sunshine each day to help boost your mood
  • Nourish yourself 
  • Do at least one thing each day that makes you smile

You can do it, we're here for you, 

Team Après