A Full Body Workout with SissFit

March 20, 2019

A Full Body Workout with SissFit

We were introduced to Lauren and Kelly from SISSFiT almost two years ago and have been in love with their workouts (and personalities!) ever since. The two former Division 1 Athletes and personal trainers found themselves living busy, fast-paced lives and wanted a way to stay fit without the spending hours at the gym. 

Today, they are sharing two exclusive workouts with us, both under 30 minutes. Looking for a longer, harder workout? Combine the two for the perfect weekend sweat sesh or check out these other amazing workouts from SISSFiT. 

WORKOUT 1: 26min HIIT Resistance Workout

Complete circuit 1 3x (total of 9 minutes)
Rest 1 minute
Complete Circuit 2 x3 (total of 9 minutes)
Rest 1 minute
Complete circuit 1 + 2 straight through x1 (6 minutes)



SQUAT JACKS: 30 seconds

PLANK UP & DOWN: 60 seconds

PLANK SWIVELS: 30 seconds


BURPEES: 30 seconds


LUNGE JUMPS: 30 seconds

WORKOUT 2: 24min HIIT Treadmill Workout

Choose jog pace (4.0-7.0)

Warm up for 3 minutes

Repeat the intervals below 2x

It's such a dream to work with your sister. How did you both get your start in the fitness industry? 

It is such a dream...most of the time! ;) Growing up as girls in a family full of boy cousins, we had to learn to keep up at a young age. I can't remember a time when we weren't running around being active or playing an organized sport. We even got to run on the same Track and Field team in college! I think we both knew from an early age that we wanted to stay in the fitness industry, we just didn’t know exactly what that would look like. I (Lauren) fell into a full-time sports modeling career and Kelly ended up working as a sales rep for ASICS. With busy and travel filled careers we quickly learned to create and adapt to short, efficient workouts on the road that left us feeling healthy and energized despite our busy lifestyles. Quickly realizing we weren’t the only ones trying to keep our health and fitness a priority despite busy schedules, we teamed up and started SISSFiT so we could share our knowledge, tips, and workouts with the rest of the world!

What does a typical day of eating look like as the SISSFiT sisters? 

Haha that might depend on who you’re asking. I (Lauren) am a snacker, whereas Kelly prefers full meals. That said we both aim for lots of greens and eat as many whole foods as possible. We don’t follow any particular diet and we definitely don’t deprive ourselves. We tried a stricter, low carb diet years ago and found that we feel much better when we just eat what we want in moderation. Wine, yes. Chocolate, yes. Nothing is off limits, but we have a grasp on what’s healthy and do our best to choose wisely. 

What are some of the ways you slow down and give back to your body? 

Slow down, what does that even mean anymore?! No, in all honesty, finding ways to prioritize rest can be very challenging, but probably more important than anything else we do. To slow down, we give ourselves days off to rest our bodies, spend quality time with loved ones, and prioritize nutrition. It’s easy to think more is more, but if we’ve learned anything, we know that is FAR from the truth. Fit in an efficient workout and move on with your day. Be conscious of what you are putting into your body (quick, healthy options like Après!), but don’t overthink it. Then, put the obsessions away and live your life. At SISSFiT we workout M-F (alternating days of high intensity cardio and circuit strength training), then we take a “Get Outside Saturday” to get out and do something fun and active that isn’t overly regimented, followed by an OFF day on Sunday to rest our bodies. This formula has worked well for us, but that off day is key even when we are tempted to skip it. 

Anything you're reading or listening to right now that we should all know about? 

I (Kelly) am currently reading Shoe Dog by Phil Night, the creator of Nike and I highly recommend this read for anyone, but especially other entrepreneurs out there! It’s a great read and gives perspective on how much time and perseverance it takes to create your own business. Very motivating!

Night owl or early birds? 

L- early bird

K- early bird 

Longest run you've ever done? 

L- 8 miles. I run all the time, but I prefer high intensity intervals to distance running

K- 13.1 miles in the OC half marathon 

Coolest place you've traveled to

L- New Zealand, Iceland, or Belize

K- New Zealand!

Squats or lunges

L- lunge variations (static, pulses, lunge jumps)

K- lunges for sure

Coffee or tea

L- coffee all the way

K- black coffee 

Go to snack!

L- The only thing that makes this question challenging is deciding which flavor of Après! Mint Cacao or Sea Salt Chocolate (thank goodness for the Chocolate Lovers Pack!!)

K- you can always put me down for a Sea Salt Chocolate Après! 

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