Après’ got your back anytime, anywhere!

March 28, 2021

Après’ got your back anytime, anywhere!

We know how busy you are crushing life, always on-the-go to the next thing, kicking a$$ and taking names. At Après, we're all about making the most of each day, living intentionally and always striving to become the best version of yourself.

But, living your happiest and healthiest life, and chasing your dreams takes energy, and you need the proper fuel to keep your mind right and your body strong. Although we make a bomb post-workout replenishment drink (if we may say so ourselves), that's only one way to incorporate Après into your daily routine. We checked in with our community, and here are just a few ways we've heard from you that Après is the perfect sidekick, in case you need some inspiration ☺️

  • Rushing to get to work, the kids to school and no time for breakfast? Grab an Après! We're making nutrition easy and convenient: no blending, no mixing, all the nutrients you need in one bottle, just chill - shake - replenish - repeat. P.S. No need to worry, those MCTs will keep you full and hold you over until your next meal!
  • Looking for the perfect base for a smoothie, delicious creamer for your coffee, or a great addition to your recipes? Grab an Après! Cya boring, plain old nut/plant based milk, there's a new kid in town. Après is the perfect (and superior😉) replacement to add some extra nutrients and to get that smooth, creamy texture.
  • New mom, nursing and don’t have the time/energy to make every meal gourmet and nutritious? Grab an Après! Time is one thing new moms definitely don't have enough of. Let us handle the nutrition so you don't have to. We’ve heard from so many of our customers who are new moms and nursing that Après has saved their lives. Feeling constantly depleted and run down during those early months of breastfeeding, women have told us time and time again that Après was something they knew they could always count on to get in some protein, MCTs and electrolytes to help replenish their bodies.
  • Running around for back-to-back meetings or checking off errands from your mile-long to-do list and your stomach is growling? Grab an Après! Why? Squeaky clean plant protein for power, electrolytes from coconut water to help you hydrate and MCTs from organic virgin coconut oil to help sustain your energy and curb those cravings.
  • Dripping in sweat, endorphins high and muscles tired post workout? Grab an Après! No one likes to get hangry, and proper post-workout nutrition gives your body the building blocks it needs to heal and recover the muscles you just worked. It's super important to get in that protein within 30 minutes of your sweat sesh!
  • Need to satisfy that sweet tooth craving that hits you at 8 p.m. every night with something you can feel good about? Grab an Après! A delicious, decadent treat that is also refined sugar free and actually healthy for you. Your body will be screaming thank you. (Pro tip: warm it up over the stove, pour it into your favorite mug, add some vegan marshmallows or some coconut milk whipped cream, and it’s the most delicious hot chocolate you’ve ever tasted, don’t @ us)

We're here to make healthy convenient. We like to think of Après as a liquid snack bar; just the right amount of calories and nutrition to buy you time until your next meal, whether or not that's post workout. Now go ahead, drink up and #ownyourafter.