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July 17, 2020


It's week two of our 14-day challenge! Keep up the good work & continue to build new healthy habits. Also, stock up your fridge this week and save.
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  • Check out last week's recipe for a delicious morning perk: A Sea Salt Mocha Morning Brew
  • Ready to get moving while also enhancing your daily routine? Follow along on Instagram, @drinkapres, for our weekly live sessions. Here's this week's schedule for our daily challenge:

Monday: Full Body Burn with Gillian Dalby (on Instagram Live)

Tuesday: Meditate & Find a Mindful Moment

Wednesday: Workout with Maya Aviezer (on Instagram Live)

Thursday: Make & Nutrient-Dense Smoothie 

Friday: Low-impact, Full Body Barre with Casey Stanton (on Instagram Live)
  • To most, sweating is always a good sign of a successful workout. Low impact workouts can be just as effective for your workout routine. Slowing down movements with higher rep counts that lead to full body shakes are a positive sign of your muscles and body strengthening.
  • Check out the benefits of Barre style workouts:
Saturday: Movement with Albina Katsman (on Instagram Live)
  • Start your weekend morning with some "you time". Take 30 minutes to focus on your physical strength. 
Sunday: Journaling Exercise
  • Sunday Scaries are more real than ever these days. Let's take on this coming week from a more centered place.
  • The power of journaling, writing your thoughts, aspirations and worries has profound mental benefits. Reduce stress and anxiety by simply writing down everything and anything you are feeling and thinking, it's as simple as that! It's called freewriting, anything goes!