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WFH: Edition Two

April 05, 2020

WFH: Edition Two

Here's our weekly roundup of fun new ways to move your body and workout from home! 

HIIT & Cardio:

CAZ Training Club

Why we love Caz: Their giveback program, how sweet is this?

How to workout with Caz: 

Circuit Works

Why we love Circuit Works: They max the calorie burn.

How to workout with Circuit Works: 

Low Impact:


Why we love X-Core: It's HIIT but low impact

How to workout with Circuit Works:

    • IGTV Live workouts

Pure Barre

Why we love Pure Barre: That bootie though! Lift and tone doesn't even begin to describe it.

How to workout with Pure Barre:

Studio MDR

Why we love Studio MDR: The Lagree Method.

How to workout with Studio MDR:


Why we love ShaktiBarre: Super femme and empowering.

How to workout with Studio MDR:

Keep your quarantine clean and #ownourafter, 

Team Apres