March 24, 2020


Staying home but want to workout?  Yeah, us too. Time to perk up and get moving people!  A quick and wonderful way to boost your endorphins aka elevate your mood is to exercise.  Working from home and working out from home both require extra focus and energy to stay committed.  We are here for you, right there with you and believe in you.  Join us and try workouts from these studios partners we love and live-stream like there's no tomorrow. 

Just click on the studio names below and we'll send you directly to their site.

Keep up the good work and sweat it out,


Team Après


For You High Energy Folks: 


If you are full of energy and love to dance, this is for you. Get dance-inspired workouts and #KeepMoving.

Offering live and on-Demand classes with a 7-Day free trial for $17.49/month (a 50% discount with code DBATHOME)

Training Mate

Want a unique 45-minute circuit of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) that combines cardio and resistance exercises to burn up to 1,000 calories? Um, yeah we sure do after all this couch surfing! 

You can workout live and replay classes for $99/month.


You can train with BnB even while COVID tries to knock us down. Box ‘N’ Burn aims to deliver a world-class boxing fitness experience, no matter your level of boxing ability. 

Offering on-demand classes via their YouTube channel.

Camp Tampa

CAMP HIT. The hottest workout in Florida heats up in this high energy, music-driven, high-temp workout that's always evolving and always moving. You'll jump, lift, squat, and burn your way through the most challenging class you've ever loved. Workout AC free for that extra heat at home. 

Offering on-demand classes for $35/month


For A Long, Lean & Zen Machine:

MNT Studio

Who loves Pilates and Barre? We do! Head here for live and replay classes (for up to two days) via Zoom. 

It's free for members with an active membership and $10 per class for non-members. Worth it.

Lit Method

LIT stands for [Low – Impact – Training] our method is designed to “Build you not break you" LIT Method is a Low impact, High-intensity workout. No running, no jumping, no weights! 

Offering a free month online with code BOLTCULTSTRONG  

Humble Power Yoga

Warrior Power Yoga provides students of all levels the opportunity to find their inner warrior through the practice of yoga. They create a safe, yet powerful space and ignite a strong sense of community to fuels incredible growth and transformation.

Offering Live and On-Demand classes via Zoom

WundaBar Pilates

Before WundaBar you had two choices in Pilates - Slow-and-Cerebral or Pound-It-Out with no methodology. WundaBar Pilates is the first to bridge that gap. This workout combines intensity and true Pilates integrity.

On-Demand classes with a 7-Day free trial and $24.99/month after that! Use code: WUNDAFIRST to get 40% off a monthly subscription

Romney Studio

MVMT = multi-disciplinary health and wellness. Aka Cardio + Sculpt and Yoga. 

Join for on-demand classes with a 7-Day free trial and $19.99/month. Bonus: this studio offers a month of free access for all healthcare professionals! 


Or A Little Something For Everyone:

Set and Flow

Set and Flow is a state of the art “all-tique” studio.  All your favorite exercise boutiques under one roof. You can practice Hot Yoga, Bootcamp, Pilates, Indoor Cycling, Cardio Boxing and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) all here.

Offering live and On-Demand classes via their YouTube channel.