Workout with Friends, Own Your After.

February 25, 2020

Workout with Friends, Own Your After.

For most of February, we've been feeling the vibes of self-love, so this week let's celebrate love for our friends. And why, when we set goals for our health and wellbeing it’s important to include others on the journey.

Whether its hanging or working out, eating, relaxing or just enjoying life together, being in partnership can help you set the stage for accountability and maintaining consistency. It’s clear that group fitness is having its moment and a significant impact on our health. 

Here's a few reasons why:

  1. Working out with a friend or loved one can make the activity more fun, bring you closer in your lives and increase your chances of sticking to your fitness plan. It can help you stay motivated. We know workouts are hard to consistently commit to during the workweek, and for some, can be even more challenging on the weekends. Having a person to encourage you to meet up can help you with the necessary and helpful nudge.
  2. Research shows that the healthy actions of others rub off on us. This study shows that ninety-five percent of participants who started a weight-loss program with friends completed the program, compared to seventy-six percent who went it alone. The friend group was also forty-two percent more likely to maintain their weight loss goals.
  3. Motivation, motivation, motivation. There’s this thing called the Köhler effect defined as, “when a person works harder as a member of a group than when working alone.” Aka, when people in your spin class are going loco and you secretly want to keep up, and then just plain win, even if winning isn’t even a thing. If you aren’t the most capable in the room, it’s not a problem because you’ll benefit instinctually by surrounding yourself with real-life inspiration to achieve greater goals. 
  4. You get to try new workouts! With so much happening in group fitness these days, it’s awesome to grab a pal and go together to explore unfamiliar territory, new studios and techniques. Even when you are in the gym together or working out at home, you can share what you know about the human body and new exercises, stretches and healthy lifestyle tips with each other.
  5. You’ll Own Your After. Let's hear it for the immediate gratification and joy we get from smoothies or a delicious brunch after a great sweat. Having a workout buddy means you also get to celebrate your success, revel in the glory and enjoy the endorphin highs together ... or toast an Après. 

Speaking of, when you refer a friend you give them $10 off their first order and once redeemed, you get $10 off your next order too! So if you and a buddy are on a workout or healthy lifestyle journey together, celebrate the plant-based replenishment way.


Team Après