Energizing Yoga Flow Workout

September 10, 2019

Energizing Yoga Flow Workout


Opposite elbow to knee crunch (8 reps each side, inhale extend the arm and leg, exhale to crunch)

Downward facing dog to plank (4 reps, inhale into plank, exhale into downward facing dog)

Baby cobra (2 reps, inhale to press up, exhale to lower) 
Standing forward fold (4 breaths, legs can be bent)

Standing forward fold (4 breaths, legs can be bent)


  • Sun A 
    • First half: Halfway lift, forward fold, mountain pose, forward fold)
    • Chattaranga push ups (8 reps, exhale to lower, inhale to press up)
    • Second half Sun A (Upward facing dog or baby cobra, downward facing dog) 
    • Repeat two full sets Sun A 
  • Sun B variation
    • Chair 
    • Vinyasa or down dog 
    • Low lunge with back bend 
    • Repeat second side 
    • Chair 
    • Vinyasa or downdog


  • High Lunge with back knee bent (2 breaths)
  • High lunge to march (8 reps: Inhale in high lunge, exhale to pull back leg up to chest)
  • Pulses in high lunge (16 reps) 

  • Easy twist (2 breaths) 
  • Side plank (2 breaths) 
  • Oblique dips (8 reps: inhale to lower hips, exhale to lift) 
  • Thread the needle (8 reps: inhale to thread top arm beneath bottom arm, exhale to open)
  • Vinyasa or downward facing dog 

    Repeat entire flow on second side.

    FLOW 2

    • Warrior 3 (2 breaths) 
    • Knee to elbow crunch in warrior 3 (8 reps: inhale to extend, exhale to crunch)
    • Tree pose (4 breaths) 

    • Warrior 2 (2 breaths) and Reverse Warrior (2 breaths) 

    • Triangle pose (2 breaths) 
    • Oblique pulses in triangle pose (16 reps: sharp exhale to pulse upward)

    • Star pose to a wide legged squat
    • Opposite knee to elbow crunch in squat, alternating (16 reps each side:Inhale to squat, exhale to pull knee up and in)

    Repeat entire flow on second side.


    • Boat pose (4 breaths) 
    • Low boat to high boat (16 reps: inhale to lower, exhale to lift)

    • 30 seconds plank jacks
    • 30 seconds mountain climbers  

    • 30 seconds bicycle crunches 


    Suggested Cool Down Sequence

    • 2 backbends, such as bridge or full wheel 
    • 1 forward fold (4-6 breaths)
    • 1 hip opener, such as pigeon pose or figure four (4-6 breaths each side)
    • 1 twist, such as supine twist (4-6 breaths each side)
    • Final rest, such as savasana or seated meditation (2-10 minutes)