4 Delicious Flavors

Vanilla Bean

100% clean n’ classic. Our Vanilla Bean is deliciously drinkable and smooth with a light, pleasant vanilla bean aroma and a hint of spice to finish. It’s perfect in the morning (pro tip: it even works as a creamer for your coffee)

Sea Salt Chocolate

Our Sea Salt Chocolate is a best-seller for a good reason. A sweet n’ slightly salty indulgence that’s healthy. It has a creamy, velvety chocolate flavor with just the right amount of salt. An amazing way to fend off a sugar craving without any guilt

Cold Brew Coffee

Perk up and Power up. Cold Brew Coffee is refreshingly smooth and light, with a flavor profile that’s similar to an iced latte -- creamy with a backbone of real roasted coffee. Plus, with 95mg of caffeine, it provides a nice smooth lift to start your day or get you through the 3p push

Mint Chocolate

Fresh and fun, a real cult classic. Mint Chocolate is silky smooth and pleasantly sweet with a chocolate start and a clean mint finish. It’s the perfect cure for an afternoon or pre-bedtime sweet tooth craving, and will leave you feeling replenished after +waking +sweating +working +doing