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When is the best time to drink Après?

You can drink Après whenever you’d like! Our favorite time to drink it is post-workout because it’s designed with ingredients that help your body replenish from the inside out. It also works as a quick grab-and-go option for hurried mornings, as a pick-me-up during your 3PM slump, or as a bridge between meals on days where you need a little something extra.

Can Après be used as a meal replacement?

Après was designed to be the the perfect snack rather than a meal replacement.


What’s in Après?

All Après ingredients are vegan, non-gmo and do not contain dairy, soy, or gluten. For a detailed list of our nutrition facts and ingredients click here

How many servings are in 1 Après?

Après comes in an 11oz bottle, which is 1 serving of the beverage.

Is Après vegan?

Yes, all of our ingredients are vegan.

Is Après gluten, soy, and dairy free?

Yes, Après ingredients are all gluten, soy, and dairy free.

Is Après certified organic?

No, Après is not USDA certified Organic. However, the vast majority of our ingredients are certified organic. To see our ingredient list, click here

Are any artificial flavors or colors used?

No. Après is not made with any artificial colors or flavors.


How should I store my Après?

Après does not need to be refrigerated and can be stored at room temperature. Do not freeze and do not expose to warm temperatures for an extended period of time.

Like most beverages, Après tastes best when served chilled.

How do I know when the product expires?

There is a date stamp on the top of each bottle that lists the "best by" date.

The Après I recently received is past its “best by” date. What should I do?

If the bottle you purchased is past its “best by” date, please email with your order number and we will resolve the issue.


Where can I buy Après?

Après is sold only on our website and at select fitness studios.

I want to sell Après at my boutique fitness studio or store.

Let’s talk! Please email for more information.

What is your refund and replacement policy?

Après stands behind our product and will do our best to make it right. If you are dissatisfied with one of our products for any reason, Après will refund the amount paid for your most recent order, limited to one case (to avoid doubt, for those orders in which multiple case sizes are ordered, we will refund one case of the largest pack-size ordered). 

To request a refund or replacement send an email to, and please include the following:  

Email Address used to place order
One-time or Subscription order
Order number
Reason for the request
We may require proof of purchase if we can't verify your order

Must be within 14 days of when you receive your product. If needed we will adjust this policy as required by the laws of the state in which you live. Because of food safety laws we unfortunately can’t accept the return of food products.

If the product you received expires within 3 months, was damaged in transit, or is otherwise defective, we will replace it with a similar version of the product at no cost to you. If the product doesn’t agree with you we will (at our discretion) refund your order. Refund policy subject to change without notice.


I placed an order, when will my shipment arrive?

All orders received require one full business day for processing and packing before being shipped. Standard delivery time is 2-7 business days. We do not ship internationally or to Hawaii and Alaska at this time.

Can I request expedited shipping?

Unfortunately we are not offering expedited shipping at this time. Hold that craving!

How does my Après subscription work?

Once you’ve setup your subscription you will begin to receive your order once a month. Your case of Après will ship on the same day, every month, that you started the subscription. You can adjust how much or little Après you wish to have shipped to your home each month.

You can also order a single order of Après by unchecking the subscribe button on the product page before you add it to your cart.

How do I update my subscription?

If you find you have a surplus of Après or are headed out of town, you can change the date your subscription ships or skip a delivery date.

To change the date of your subscription ships, sign into your account and hit Manage Subscription. Tap the Manage drop down on the right and select Change Upcoming Order Date. From there, select the new date for your next shipment. 

Please note that changing your next shipment will affect how you are billed. Once you reach your selected postponement end date, your subscription will renew and bill on a monthly basis starting on that date, unless further changes are made.

To skip a delivery date, simply hit Upcoming Orders and then select the month that you would like to skip. 

How do I edit my subscription?

You can edit your subscription by logging into your Après account and hitting Manage Subscription. If you need help, email

You may change, modify, pause/skip your subscription up until 11:59:59p the day prior to your order date (the "cutoff time"). After this point, you will be charged and your order will be fulfilled as scheduled.  Should requests to change flavors, timing, address for delivery, or other modifications come in after the cutoff time, the changes will be applied to your next order.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription by logging in to your account and then hitting manage subscription. 

You may cancel your subscription to Products offered through the Service at any time. For the avoidance of doubt, if a cancelation request is received after an order is processed, the cancellation will go into effect after that order is processed and prior to the next recurring order.


What’s the best way to contact Après for questions related to the product?

If you’ve placed an order with us, please email For general questions, please email customer support at

I am media or press, who should I contact?

Please email Thank you!