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Vanilla Bean

Après Enhanced Protein Powder combines clean, complete plant protein with a smooth, hydrating base of coconut water & MCTs delivering electrolytes and metabolic fats to sustain and replenish your body so that you can feel better, look better and perform better. 

Each 1 lb. pouch contains 18 scoops, with each scoop containing 15g plant protein, 3g MCTs, and 5 electrolytes, and 0g sugar (yes, it's keto friendly). Keep things lean by using a single scoop serving or add a second to double your protein intake.

Our Vanilla Bean is deliciously drinkable and smooth with a light, pleasant vanilla bean aroma and a hint of spice to finish. It tastes great on its own, but also blends well with bananas and strawberries.


Exactly what your body needs


15G per scoop of plant protein from pea, chia, cacao, and hemp to help fuel and recover.


3G per scoop of MCTs from virgin coconut oil to provide sustained energy.


Coconut water and electrolyte blend keep you hydrated.

Vanilla Bean Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

Protein, as it should be